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E-Cigarettes and Health Concerns

There are a lot of concerns when it comes to E-Cigarettes. Although they do have their uses as alternative and ironically healthier alternatives to conventional smoking, there are certain issues in place that make them a difficult subject for approval or disapproval when it comes to marketing them.

Governments cite that the concern is both in its use and the perceived health risks involved in using it. Unlike tobacco-based products that are taxed and limited its use on adults, E-cigarettes don’t fall into that same category for one simple reason: they do not contain tobacco. This, as they claim, can cause minors to legally smoke below their legal age, making it an embarrassing loophole that can be a tricky thing to patch.

Also another thing that confuses the general media as to the health-based issues regarding electronic cigarettes is the fact that it lacks sufficient studies that disprove or approve of its use amongst smokers. The FDA, WHO and other legitimate health organizations may have already put out studies on E-Cigarettes, but the trouble is that either their research is insubstantial or too diluted to make a definitive stand on it.


But don’t fret, the research on whether or not E-cigarettes are a legitimate problem for smokers is still ongoing and it’s stepping the right direction. Since there are very little studies that could prove e-cigarettes that could make them important tools for smokers to live a healthier life without carcinogens, here’s a list of its proven advantages:

  • You can choose to lower your nicotine intake. This is a big one, not only is you free to cut down on your intake, but you are doing so without taking in smoke filled with dangerous and cancer-causing chemicals. You can chose from high to zero nicotine refills; so this makes it an obvious must-have for smokers that have an oral fixation.
  • Healthier and Cheaper. There are nearly 4,000 deadly chemicals found in ordinary cigarettes on top of nicotine while an e-cigarette contains little to no nicotine. Ideally, they can also cut expenses since they only require minimal replacements in terms of parts.
  • You can smoke anywhere. Smoking a electronic cigarettes is not technically smoking since you’re just blowing off vaporized liquid; thus making it safe for people around you. There is no bad smell nor yellowed teeth or fingers that you would commonly attribute to ordinary smoking.


  • It still contains nicotine. Having nicotine in an electronic cigarette might seem harmless due to its reduced amounts but it also caused an unexpected problem for people who use e-cigarettes with nicotine: you suck in nicotine at a longer rate. Cigarettes naturally burn themselves out in time but with e-cigarettes, you can smoke all you want till the battery runs out, which in this case, is a very long time.
  • A broken E-Cigarette can cause problems.  Diethylene Glycol and other compounds like nitrosamines can cause health problems such as problems with inhalation. If you suspect that your electronic cigarette is busted, don’t take your chances.
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